You would think for everything included, this would be a complicated party to book but you guys made the planning process just so easy and simple.

All went smoothly without a problem and everyone had a great time. 

Such a great deal for a private party in NYC. I would definitely do this again and will be recommending this to everyone else. 

Thank You for everything, ladies!

 – Janet

EW 11


Thanks for checking.  Party was perfect and you guys did a great job! Everyone was talking about how the bar service was extraordinary and they didn’t have to wait long for drinks.  Everyone from the bartenders to the security guy (wearing a fireman hat of course) was on top of their game.

Thanks again!


EW 3

Our party was a lot of fun!! Everyone had a great time with the photo booth and the food was extra delicious. Perfect for munching and socializing with friends and co-workers. Lindsay and Abby were phenomenal with their service and outgoing personalities!!! They really made the night enjoyable and stress free for the hostess!!! Eat, Drink & Be Merry definitely makes planning a party hassle free! We will absolutely use them again in the future for planning other work parties!! Thanks again for everything! We had a blast!!


EW 5


The party was wonderful! Our bartender, Lindsey, was amazing and several party guests commented on how friendly and attentive she was. The guy who was in charge of setting up the food was also very efficient and helpful (I did not get his name). And the food was delicious – the options available to create a menu were also wonderful.

I will definitely recommend East Wing to anyone wanting to throw a party in a private room!



Hi girls,

I’m glad you emailed me because I’ve been wanting to contact you to thank you for an amazing event. From the very beginning anyone I spoke with at Eat Drink and Be Merry was extremely helpful. Your phone calls and emails before the event to ensure a perfect party were so appreciated and I felt like I never had to worry if things would be done correctly. And from the minute I entered the East Wing I was again put at ease working with Vanessa. The room was perfect, the drinks were perfect, the food was perfect. Everything was absolutely perfect, including the fact that my brother was completely surprised for his party. I would recommend any Eat Drink and Be Merry establishment to host a party. Thank you again for everything!!


TEW_another 3

Hi! … I am sorry that I am responding so late to this email, but my party was perfect!  I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!  As you know, it was a surprise party for my husband’s 50th birthday. He had a great time! The room looked great, the staff was terrific & I couldn’t be happier with my experience.  Everyone I spoke to during the planning process was lovely …and so accommodating.  I can’t tell you how many of our friends commented on what a great place it was.   Thank you for a great time!  I would absolutely … most definitely … have another party with you!!




The party was fantastic, it was a great night. We definitely will be doing one again maybe in the spring or summer time. I appreciate all the hard work you put in and the back and forth on my part to get everything straightened out. All 4 of you guys (Christine, Kate, Niki, & Brittany) did a fantastic job and planned the event directly as recommended. Please forward this to your employer(s) so they know the effort you put in. The food was fantastic and was just how we wanted it. I would like to make a special recommendation for Lindsey our bartender. She was courteous, hardworking, and super friendly. We appreciated all the hard work and she should be acknowledged for that.  Everyone had a blast and would can’t wait to have another party in the future.



EW 11

Hi Ladies,

 The party was PERFECT!  From start to finish the process was seamless. I’m in the middle of planning a move cross country and things fall off my radar pretty easily, but your team kept me focused and got the party planned really without me lifting a finger.  My friends put together a little going away video and the team helped them get it to play through the tvs in the entire room.  Then the video looped on silent all night, just enough to keep me in tears so thanks for that! The East wing was perfect size, had a private entrance, and our own bar.  The bartenders/bouncers were so nice and extremely helpful. Really don’t think I would have changed one thing. 

I have thrown birthday parties with Eat Drink and Be Merry before and you ladies always come through. I can’t say thank you enough for making my going away party everything I hoped it would be. 

I’ll be sure to call you for my welcome back party! 🙂

REW 11

Hi Brittany & Kate,

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for all your help and assistance in helping me plan a surprise 50th birthday party at The East Wing this past Saturday. The party was a huge success.  I cannot say enough about the staff.  Abby was extremely helpful and so nice to all my guests as well as the other staff members, Nicole, Andrew, etc. I honestly cannot think of anything that would have made it better. I am still getting feedback from my guests on what a great time they all had and what a great atmosphere it was. Everyone kept asking me how did you find this place and asking me for details, which I was more than happy to provide.  Be assured, next time I need to have a function, I will be calling you guys.  Thank you again and hope to see you soon.



Hello Ladies and Happy New Year!

Dan and I, along with our guests, had an amazing time at The East Wing. We received many compliments on the party, food, and atmosphere. Our guests have been asking us what the plan is for next year already! We really cannot thank you enough for an amazing experience. The planning process was extremely easy. The event was fantastic. 

Overall we had an incredible experience. I know that I will recommend EDBM to friends and family for events, as I am sure Dan will as well. 

Once again thank you for everything.


Andrew and Dan


Christine, Kate, Niki, & Brittany,

Words can not express how amazing the event went, because of your sweet

staff, brilliant food and amazing atmosphere.From beginning to end, you

were attentive and supportive.  Our “bar Friend” Ryan was great and our

teddy bear of a bouncer Ivan was truly wonderful. We are an eclectic group

and we run the range of attendees. Your staff made everyone feel welcome,

they were respectful,fun and engaging. Truly, it was the perfect venue. I

can’t speak highly enough about the whole thing.

Thank you for facilitating such a safe, hip and comfortable space!

We look forward to working with you again,



EW 11

Hi Brittany,

The party was absolutely fantastic. Abby, who was overseeing everything and bar-tending, was phenomenal. She was such a pleasure, an enormous help in setting up and keeping us to schedule, and overall made the entire night easy. The servers were on top of making sure all food was out and maintained plus cleaned up after everyone. The blackjack and craps tables were a huge hit! My husband had a blast and the dealers were so great in keeping the guests entertained. 

I’ve already passed your information on because my husband would like to suggest your company for his office work events. 

Thanks again,


EW 3

ew fbHi ladies (Hi Brittany!!!!),

The party went very well.  Thanks to you and your staff for being accessible, professional, and accommodating.  Brittany made the party-planning process (which, if you couldn’t tell, I do NOT enjoy) so much easier.  The guests are still talking about the food – which was apparently quite good! – and the space, which suit our needs to a “T.”  

I appreciate everything you did, and have already begun recommending you to others.  While I hope I never have to plan a party again, if I do, I hope it will be with your team!

Thanks again and have a great week.


Hey girls,

The draft at the Stumble Inn was awesome. The private room was amazing and easily held the 25 people that came to the draft. 15 to draft and 10 to party. The table layout was just what we needed. The appetizers and entrees were great and the booze kept flowing. Our server was amazing we never had an empty drink and were served literally within 1 minute of ordering. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and we will be back next year. Once the draft was over the music was turned up and we still had 2 hours of open bar left. Then after that we quite literally stumbled in to the Stumble Inn.


EW 3

Dear Niki/Brittany (two amazing people who helped me plan),

Everything was flawless!!! With it being towards the end of summer, a lot of people had last minute summer plans leaving me with a smaller party than I had hoped for. Thanks to you guys, it was still a memorable birthday! Myself, along with my guests, were still treated with respect regardless the size of the party and were well taken care of by our AWESOME bartender Lindsey! The whole process was stress-free and I can’t thank you enough for it!



EW 11

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we were with everything tonight.  Lindsay was amazing and went above and beyond. John & I are on cloud 9!  The party was a huge success.  It gave Lauren an incredible memory that will last a lifetime and it put a smile on her face at an otherwise difficult time of year, without her twin.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you did on her behalf.  We are deeply grateful to you for your help. I Just wanted you to know that the night couldn’t have gone better.

Colleen & John

TEW_another 3

Dear all at Eat, Drink, & Be Merry,

Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible event on Friday. The process was completely flawless throughout! I am so grateful for all the hard work that went into it and how wonderfully it turned out. For the planning process, everything was made extremely easy for me and everyone always wrote back almost immediately after I sent an email. From the first phone call where Eat, Drink, and Be Merry recommended a place (the East Wing), to constantly following up to make sure all was in order the day of, I constantly felt like I was in very good hands. The place was exactly what I was looking for, the price was very fair, and it turned out exactly as I was hoping! I had so many strange requests leading up to the event (the Game of Thrones theme made sure of that) and no one ever blinked an eye in helping to create the perfect atmosphere.

The actual event itself was a BLAST and everyone who helped work it was so fun, nice, and willing to help in any way.  From the minute I arrived the staff helped in any way they could. Angel did a great job with the list and making sure no one came in who wasn’t on it (or unless I ok’d them first). All the decorations looked great and the team was really open to new ideas and excited about making the event as fun as possible. 

Have a great day and I really hope to work with you all again soon! I will be using Eat, Drink, & Be Merry from now on when I need help having parties (I Have a summer one every year so look out for me next year!)



EW 5

Good Afternoon Ladies!

We definitely enjoyed the party and the planning was painless, what planning?! All of the Eat, Drink & Be Merry staff were prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I did not have to ask for anything twice and before I could even begin to think of anything I would need or desire the ladies were already on top of it asking me if we wanted food, beer pong, or any and everything you can think of. They were extremely personable.  They remembered my name, who the party was for, that persons relation to me as well as any name or person I involved.  I appreciated that they cc’d myself as well as my boyfriends sister on every correspondence that occurred.  This helped to keep everyone on the same page and to know what was going on each step of the way between us all. Every aspect was perfect. 

Lindsey the bartender was wonderful! Before I could even introduce myself to her, she heard me chatting at the bar with some friends and when she found the proper moment she approached me, asked if I was Denise and if she could get me anything. I had only spoken to her the day of the party when she let me know that she would be our bartender for the evening and to make sure that there was nothing specific I wanted her to know or anything I needed her to handle prior to the event that evening.  When we went to the main bar, my boyfriend informed the security guard  that he was their for his party and even the security guard knew that it was his birthday and knew his name.  I enjoyed that all the staff was well informed of who was holding the private event and what it was for. 

As soon as we walked in the private room everyone was more then helpful, from wanting to know if was wanted the cake displayed to Lindsay making sure that we had a knife to cut the cake and to see if we wanted them to cut it.  The pitchers for beer pong were constantly being refilled, my guests did not have to fill one beer pong pitcher themselves nor even wait for a drink.  The security guard was extremely nice and was polite to all our guests, which many of them are smokers.  He kindly advised them that drinks cannot be outside and would advise them before they went outside.  One or two times a person did end up with a drink outside and he kindly asked if he could bring the drink in for them or if they would please step inside. 

Not one thing that was spoken about was left undone.  The staff in every aspect was helpful and prompt.  The venue was beautiful, this particular venue had a bathroom in the private room, which was key!  The private entrance was great as well.  Not only did I get compliments on the venue, but also on the staff and their efficiency. I would hire Eat Drink & Be Merry time and time again without any hesitation.

Thank you for all that you ladies did. 


EW 11

Christine, Kate, Niki & Brittany-

This was my second event at the East Wing and I will definitely be back for again in the near future!!!  Everything was amazing…from the set up to the food and the service was top notch. You guys are first class and I’ll be in touch.

All the Best-




Hi All!

The party was a great success. The venue was perfect for a crowd our size and the staff and food were excellent. Lindsay had called me the day before the party to ask about any special requests for the bar. I hadn’t thought about it beforehand, but I mentioned many of the guests will be from Wisconsin, and as a result, they drink brandy in their mixed drinks, specifically Old Fashions. It was a little too late to order that special liquor the day beforehand, although Lindsay said I could try by contacting your team. With all the other options, I didn’t think it was necessary. It wasn’t a problem at all, but in hindsight, I should have mentioned it earlier, because I know brandy is more popular in Wisconsin than anywhere else in the States. Toby was kind enough to practice making Old Fashions with Makers Mark, and they turned out great. 

All of you who helped me plan the event were exceptional as well. I couldn’t have done it without your suggestions and your genuine willingness to ensure everything was perfect. You were always available to answer any question I had. 

Kudos to everyone! 


EW 11