I wanted to thank you for helping to organize a wonderful time for our sorority reunion. Everything about the night was perfect and everyone is still raving about it and asking when we can plan the next one! The planning of the event was so simple! All of the details were planned out and contracted within an hour of my first call to you. Also, the communication before the event was excellent. My family owns an event planning company so I understand the details which go into planning parties. I was highly impressed by the customer service I received while working with you. The night of, the staff was so friendly and helped to make the party a success. The personal attention from our private waitress, bouncer, and party planner was such a great added bonus. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better evening. You will definitely be hearing from me in the near future to plan more events.  Once again, thank you for everything (from all of Sigma Phi Delta), looking forward to working together again soon.



Living Room


Hi Ladies at Eat, Drink and Be Merry,

First I want to say thank you so much and I will definitely be planning my next party with you. My friends are still talking about the party and were all blown away by the service and level of hospitality. The night of my party exceeded all of my expectations. I was extremely pleased with the room and the staff, including the movers, bouncer and waitress. The food was excellent, the drinks were always right on time and the music selection by the DJ was simply perfect. You all did an excellent job putting everything together. And even though during the planning stages, where Nikki and I spoke with each one of you at different times, it was as though we were speaking to one person, which is a compliment to how well you all work as a team. I will highly recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for event planners to put together a party for them. And I’ll definitely pass your business along to my production associates at Access Hollywood; you’re without a doubt, one of NYC’s best kept secrets that needs to be shared.



Living Room 1

You guys really were great.  Our waitress never made us wait more than 2 minutes for our drinks, the room was the perfect size for the amount of people we had, you accommodated us with the music we wanted to play – I could go on, but I’ll stop for now.  All four of you were fantastic in helping to make this happen, from beginning to end.  I normally don’t write reviews, but your outstanding service simply cannot go unnoticed!  Thanks again for everything and we’ll be sure to come back to you guys next time!

– Nick

Living Room 2

Thanks for another successful event.  I got great reviews from everyone who attended.  In fact, lots of people thought I put a whole lot more work into the event than I did.  I had to give credit where credit was due and let them know how simple you guys make everything.  Our attendance was up from last year and we look forward to locking on a bigger party room from you next year.  Thanks for everything and have a great Holiday Season.


Living Room 2

Company Party

November 4, 2011

Everything went great and the service was excellent as well.  Great food, atmosphere and service all around!

Thank you!

Hi There.

Had ANOTHER great Birthday with you guys! Nothing to say except it went smoothly and exactly as planned. You guys are the BEST and it shows why you are pros!



Hey!  My party at the Oak Cellar went really well, no problems, which was definitely a nice surprise. The people running it were very friendly, the drinks were quality, and the space was great! I would absolutely recommend having a party here, or doing another one here myself. The planning process is simple. All it took was a few phone calls and emails to get everything sorted out – the staff is efficient in their communication. Hope this helps 🙂


Hey Girls –

John’s 30th at Jake’s Dilemma was fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help.

The space was perfect, service was great, and almost everyone got in touch the next day to tell me how much fun they had. I was really happy with the entire night.

Thanks again!


Everyone had a wonderful time at The Livingroom! Smooth sailing from beginning to end. Audrey was a great manager of the event and Ashley was a top-notch waitress. They even went out of their way to help me find a place to hang the piñata. Would definetely recommend your company! Thanks again for everything.




The party was a blast!  Everyone was very impressed with the space and we really enjoyed ourselves while staying within our budget.  I don’t have a single complaint about the process.  It was a breeze from beginning to end.  My only point of feedback would be to steer people away from the pizza bites.  The chicken and samosas were delicious but I think we could have done better than the pizza bites.

Thanks for all your help!  I’ll certainly reach out next time I’m looking to book a private party.

Happy New Year!




I wanted to say that the party process went great, from initial planning until the train home that night! I applaud the waitress for being able to efficiently handle a party with an audience that requested many different drinks. The bouncer was also very nice, and accommodated me in any way that he could. I was very impressed with the service for our room and will be looking to use you guys again if we need another room.


Thanks again!!!



Nothing but good things to say – Nikki and Cortney were helpful and responsive throughout the entire planning process, including multiple date changes several months in advance.  The turnaround time was awesome on contracts and everything else – wish my job was as responsive!  Once the event started, staff were quick to react to the changing needs of our group.  We had way more people than expected (about 2x as many) and they were able to get an extra waitress and allow us to drink from the main bar with our wristbands which was key to people enjoying the event since the room I had rented was too small.  Staff was also able to add additional food and I spoke to the kitchen staff about what would take the least time to cook since we only had an hour left at that point.  Lastly, the doorman was great, took his job seriously and was honest!  He was extremely helpful in checking people off our guest list and handing out wristbands, he also effectively charged people who were not on the guest list and I felt that our final bill reflected an accurate number of people who had attended and accounted for the cash received.

The only thing that could have been better was getting everyone out of the room at the end of the night.  I didn’t have a problem, but I know one of the guests was upset that he felt rushed out and lost his ID card and credit card in the room.  If you find it, please let me know!

I would do an event with you again!  Thank you!




I have to thank both you and the staff of Jakes Dilemma greatly. The party was a success. You guys were wonderful, very accommodating and available. The staff at Jakes was wonderful! The waitress was great and the bouncer was friendly, both had a great attitude. Even the manager helped out. Wonderful job all! I will absolutely be using you again!


Thank you for making my boyfriend’s 30th party was a huge success! The Living Room was the perfect place and everyone had a great time.  The Eat Drink & Be Merry team that helped me to organize the event were all super friendly and helpful.  All in all it was just a great experience and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends!


It was unforgettable.. Thank you for a GREAT time =)

Food was yummy.

Drinks were brought Very quickly from a wonderful cocktail waitress.

Party manager, bouncer and staff were all great.

Beerpong tables were a plus.

Timing was perfect.

Thanks for a great bday!



We had my boyfriend’s 30th birthday party at The Living Room in Jake’s Dilemma on Friday March 26. The next morning, the first thing I said to him was “I never do this, but I’m going to leave a testimonial on their website because they did an amazing job!” However, I got caught up with my new job and didn’t get a chance to write to you ladies until now!

We, along with all of our guests, had an amazing time and were very impressed with the level of service that was shown to us that night. Even before the party, I was able to get in touch with either Christine, Kate, Niki, or Cortney and ask any question that I had. Everything was so easy to set up and went so smoothly the night of the party. It was a well welcomed break from the usual frills of going out in NYC. The party manager, Emily, also contacted me prior to the event to make sure everything was the way I wanted it. None of our guests had any trouble getting in. The cocktail waitress, Robyn, was amazing! We were concerned that with only one waitress, people would be waiting awhile for their drinks and not be able to enjoy open bar for the complete 3 hours. Robyn made sure we all had a drink in hand all throughout the night! The bouncer at the door to the Living Room was so nice and respectful – we asked him to let us know when we had 15 minutes left in the open bar and he remembered to do it! Emily brought out the cake we had gotten the birthday boy at the time that we had asked her to, she lit the candles and even had plates and forks for everyone. At the end of the night, she explained the bill to me so that I wasn’t confused and just made our night go very smoothly! Everyone wanted to know how we found out about this place and definitely enjoyed themselves a lot! After the open bar was over, I stopped at the main bar to get a couple shots. Cortney (also the bartender)  remembered my name from setting up the party and asked for the birthday boy so she could say happy birthday and give him a shot. Simple things like that were much appreciated by us!

We can’t wait for the next birthday party because we will definitely be coming back!! Thanks again for all your help! This is one of the best birthday party experiences we have ever had in the city, and you ladies were just so classy and friendly – thanks so so much!

-Happy Couple

Party was amazing great time awesome service amazing food and amazing drink special A++++

Ps I wrote this so you can post it on your website


The party was fantastic.  The guests loved the room and the service.  The waitress, the party organizer, and the bouncer were AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We will definitely recommend this space to everyone.

Christine, Kate, Niki & Cortney,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help in planning my boyfriend’s surprise party on Saturday night.  Everything went so well- he was totally surprised and had a great time!  So many of the guests told me how great the thought the room and the service was, and I can’t thank you enough for everything!

On our way out Mike and I were looking for the cocktail waitress that served drinks during the party because he wanted to tip her- I asked a bartender or waitress where she was and she said she left already, but that she would leave the money for our cocktail waitress.  I just wanted to make sure that she received the money 🙂

Thanks again for everything!

— Robyn

IT WAS GREAT! I would like to thank Emily, and the rest of the EAT,DRINK, and be MERRY team! It was a great Mardi Gras!! I will definitely throw another bash at JAKE’S!