We just went out for a bachelor party pub crawl with your company. We really enjoyed all of it. The customer service was great. Everyone was very accommodating from the waitresses to the managers to our driver.Our dinner was more than we expected and a nice meal to soak up all those drinks.The entertainment was fantastic and everyone in our party had a great time. Would definitely recommend for birthdays, bachelor parties, or a Tuesday whenever. We also had time to hit up a few clubs in the city with the limo. Great night.





The whole experience was flawless. The booking process was quick and easy, and the agent was patient and kind. When I got to event, the bar staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and everything was set up perfectly several hours before the event began. Would recommend both the bar and the service to friends.



Hey, just wanted to get back to you and let you know everything went perfectly.  My brother’s bachelor party was a great success.  Everyone had a great time.  The staff went out of their way to make every thing perfect.  The food was great.  The entertainment was exactly what we were looking for.  The room at the Gin Mill was awesome.  We were very happy all around.

I want to thank you also for helping  me to plan this event.  You guys really made it easy for me and came to the table with a lot  of apparent experience because you guys really seemed to know what I wanted even before I did.

I would absolutely book a party with you guys again.  Thanks again for everything.




Hey guys,

The night the was awesome. I came out looking like hero because everyone thought I slaved away with the planning but you guys took care of everything. All the bars we went to didn’t give us any problems which I thought might happen since our group was so big but everything went smoothly. Everyone, especially the groom, had a blast. We are definitely doing something with you guys again and not just for a bachelor party but just for the hell of it and to have great time in the city.

Thanks a lot,


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The planning process for the event was excellent.  The team that worked with me could not have been more helpful and they were always quick about getting back in touch with me about details.  Could not recommend EDBM enough.  Made the planning process a million times easier.

The bar and the room worked out very well for the bachelor party.  The craps table was a huge hit with the guys.  And obviously no one complained about the evening’s entertainment.  I thought the food was good and the open bar was enjoyed by all.

If I was ever planning another party in NYC, I would contact the EDBM team without hesitation.  Thank you for knocking it out of the park!



Hi all – what an absolutely cracking night!!

Thanks to all, especially the staff at the Gin Mill and those involved in the limo and entertainment. 

The Stag had a fantastic time – it was a complete surprise to him and really set up the whole trip.

We’re all suffering now though after 3 days of solid partying!





Thank you for checking in after the party.  I will gladly give my feedback, as this was one of the most wonderful companies I have ever worked with.  From the moment I first called to plan my brother’s bachelor party, I was given excellent customer service and an abundance of information.  Everybody that I spoke with was incredibly kind, informative, and enthusiastic.  This made planning my event so much easier than I originally anticipated.  

The party was a huge success.  Jonathan from The Gin Mill made our dinner experience fantastic, and the limo driver was incredibly accommodating.  He ensured that we had fun while we traveled from location to location.  He was punctual when we needed him and knew where he was going.  He never made us feel rushed or that we were an annoyance, and he stayed with us until the last minute.

I would recommend that anybody planning an event utilize the skills, experience, and knowledge of Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.  If I have to plan another event in the future in NYC, I will certainly, without a doubt, use your company.

I cannot thank you enough for or all of your help as the bachelor had one amazing time, as did all of the others in the party.



Everything went great.  Your planning staff was awesome and the people on site at 3 Sheets Saloon, where we started, were friendly and answered all our questions.  It was easy and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Thanks for you help.



      Well this was the very first bachelor party I had ever thrown and it was for my best friend, most importantly. I would like to say that the party was a great success and the bachelor had an “awesome time”, his own words, as well as the rest of the 9+ group. To start, Niki and Christine were patient and explained the entire process clearly. Thank you for the follow-ups and helping me with any last minute changes I threw at you. We started the night at the Gin Mill. John was the manager that evening and even called the evening before to check to see if I had any questions. The service was fantastic and our waitress, who was very easy on the eyes (wish I could recall her name but she was tanned with dark curly hair) was on point the during the entire dinner, delivering us drinks at paying the utmost attention to our party. The food was delicious, served family style, juicy steak, tender chicken, tasty pasta and other various appetizers satiated our hunger for the rest of the night. The two entertainers, provided by Chris of Metroparties.com, were beautiful and put on an awesome show that my buddy and other friends will never forget. Lastly, Al, our limo driver, was so laid back and always ready to safely drop us off at whatever bar we decided to stumble into next. And believe me you will be stumbling pretty early into the night. Great time all around! Can’t thank the staff enough for making the night go so smoothly and I highly recommend Eat, Drink, and Be Merry if you want to have a great time or just want to really show how honored you are to be the best man but need a little help planning that one night you will all remember! Thanks and cheers!

Frank P.


Dear Brittany, 

   I would like to thank you and everyone at Eat Drink & Be Merry. We all had a great time and everyone was great. I would especially like to thank Nicole our waitress, who was very attentive, very pleasant and, made it seem as if we were her only customers, Melissa (at least I think her name is Melissa), she greeted us at the door with a smile that never left her face, was very courteous and accommodating,  and Mike our limo driver who was always ready to take a bunch of drunk guys arguing about where to go to the next bar. My only regret is that the day eventually had to end. Thank you all for truly a great time 

 – Brian

Hi Christine, Kate, Niki and Brittany, 

I wanted to thank you for your help in setting up Kevin’s bachelor party yesterday. We had issues with our limo getting into the city and John was just fantastic. He adjusted our start time so that we still could take full advantage of the night, and really made the whole group feel like rock stars. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch, and Kevin had a great time. 

Thanks again, 

Dan Scott

Bottom line, if you are reading this as a testimonial, stop thinking and start booking.  I booked the wicked pub crawl as a bachelor party ‘event’ and had 17 people in attendance, everyone had a blast.

The Planning was so easy.  I mostly spoke to Brittany and Kate, they always responded quickly and answered any/all questions that I had.  The entire event is planned out for you, the only thing you need to do is decide which bars you want to visit.  Starting with dinner, the food was much better than we anticipated.  Actually, the food was good.  Our server (Emily) was awesome.  

The Party Bus was great, the entertainment was great, the bars we did visit were all fun.  Besides our starting point, we ended up going to 3 of the bars.  At all three, we were always served quickly and treated really well.  It was a great time.

I can’t think of anything constructive to say that would have made the night better.  


Thanks again for setting up the open bar at Jakes.  There were no issues whatsoever and everyone had a great time. Bartenders and Danny (guy working the door) were taking care of us the whole night. I think we even ran into a bachelorette party that was doing your bar crawl and that made it a little more crazy lol. It was a perfect way to kick off the evening.

Thanks again!

Thank you very much.  The bachelor party was a great success!  The bar and and bartender were terrific, and the entertainment was exceptional.  Tatiana and Kim exceeded all expectations.  I appreciate you guys putting it together with less than two weeks notice.  

Thanks again, and I will definitely recommend your service in the future.  


The party was great.  I really appreciate what you guys did for us.  We will most certainly use you guys in the future.


The party was in a word awesome. Thanks to everyone from the “worker bees” who planned everything to Nick at Down The Hatch. We never waited for a drink and even though the party was booked only a week in advance it went off without a hitch. 

It was great.  I have no complaints.  The venue and location were great.  When I first arrived, I spoke with everyone about how it would go for the day and everyone was helpful.  Food was good.  I will definitely use Eat, Drink & Be Merry again for my next party in NYC and possibly that venue as well.  I know the bartender works for the bar and not with you, but the bartender, Erin, was exceptional.  Rave reviews for her.  Bouncers were good as well.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  It was awesome to see Christine at the bar as well.  I hope the people from the party weren’t too annoying.

Thanks for everything!

Bachelor Party

October 5, 2011

The party went great and you guys were extremely helpful along the way;  always prompt with your responses, willing to work with us for our specific needs, and made the whole process go very smoothly from beginning to end.
Thanks again!

Christine, Kate, Niki & Cortney,

Our party went more perfectly than I could have imagined. All of the staff at The Stumble Inn (Vanessa, Maggie and even Manny at the door) were extremely helpful getting us up and running. Tony was an excellent driver and really helped to make our night as stress free as possible. Overall, I would recommend your service to just about anyone looking to have a great experience in NYC. If I find myself planning another bachelor party, I’ll be sure to contact you guys again.





The party went great — I honestly didn’t expect the food to be as good (but everyone seemed to have loved it)……the service at the bar was awesome (from bartender, to greeter, to the bouncer at the door)…..and the planning process was smooth thanks to  Eat, Drink & Be Merry family!!   Definitely will use you again next time I plan a party in NYC!