ew fbHi ladies (Hi Brittany!!!!),

The party went very well.  Thanks to you and your staff for being accessible, professional, and accommodating.  Brittany made the party-planning process (which, if you couldn’t tell, I do NOT enjoy) so much easier.  The guests are still talking about the food – which was apparently quite good! – and the space, which suit our needs to a “T.”  

I appreciate everything you did, and have already begun recommending you to others.  While I hope I never have to plan a party again, if I do, I hope it will be with your team!

Thanks again and have a great week.



Thanks for checking in. 

We had an incredible time. The staff was AMAZING! The bartenders were personable and attentive. They made sure everyone was having a great time. 

If we ever find ourselves back in NYC, Off The Wagon will be our 1st stop! 

Thanks for making the last night amazing!

Rotw bar

I threw a 30th birthday party for my boyfriend this past weekend and it was a SUCCESS!  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Eat, Drink & Be Merry team.  I have been planning birthday parties for myself and my friends for a very long time now, and I have never ever dealt with a team as accommodating as the ED&BM team ladies!  They answered ALL of my questions without hesitation and were very honest about everything!  The planning was the easiest part!  The beer pong tables they had set up were a PLUS!  The Lido Deck was sooo much better in person than in the pictures!  It was so spacious with floor to ceiling windows!   ALL of my guests absolutely loved the space and my boyfriend was enthusiastically content!  Our private bartender (JIM) was THE BEST!!!  He was so chill and kept me updated with everything!  My friends all loved the service and the space.  We are all planning on hosting more parties with the ED&BM team.  I could not have asked for more.  I keep telling everyone about you guys and how much I’d love to be a part of your team!  THANK YOU!



Wrap Party at The Virtue Room

September 6, 2013

Dear Kate,

Sorry this is so long in coming, but I just wanted to write you guys a quick Thank You for all you did in helping us plan our Opening Night Party at the 13th Step. You and your team are truly wonderful at what you do, and our experience working with you guys was truly special. Everyone who attended the party that night had such a wonderful time, the staff there was incredibly accommodating and gregarious and we all had a fabulous night.

We will definitely be keeping you guys in mind for all of our future event needs (fundraisers, opening night parties, etc.). And please keep us on the up and up about what’s new with privatepartyroom.com.

Thank you, thank you!



Hey guys,

The night the was awesome. I came out looking like hero because everyone thought I slaved away with the planning but you guys took care of everything. All the bars we went to didn’t give us any problems which I thought might happen since our group was so big but everything went smoothly. Everyone, especially the groom, had a blast. We are definitely doing something with you guys again and not just for a bachelor party but just for the hell of it and to have great time in the city.

Thanks a lot,


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