Hi Ladies!

Once again I would like to thank the Eat, Drink & Be Merry team for your outstanding assistance, professionalism, and all around super star of a team!!!! The event was absolutely flawless and was wonderful from start to finish!! It is always such a joy working with you ladies and I can’t imagine working with anyone else to plan my events!  Your staff  is consistently courteous, accomodating and does whateever they can to make myself and my guests sit back and enjoy!  Courtney and Blake were absolute rock stars and my husband couldnt have bad a better surprise 30th birthday party at a more perfect venue.

I look forward to  continuing our relationship and here’s to planning more events with you!!!

I actually may have a launch party I would like to do for a small start up I am working on so let me know if there are any other ways we can even further our relationship.

Kindest regards as always,


Oak 3


Hi Christine

As usual, it was a great event! The food was great, ready on time, and enjoyed by all. The staff were attentive and very polite.

We always love working with The Gin Mill, and I really appreciate all of your help planning this event – incredible customer service. We’ll be back for next year!


Gin Mill Bar

Good Afternoon Ladies!

We definitely enjoyed the party and the planning was painless, what planning?! All of the Eat, Drink & Be Merry staff were prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I did not have to ask for anything twice and before I could even begin to think of anything I would need or desire the ladies were already on top of it asking me if we wanted food, beer pong, or any and everything you can think of. They were extremely personable.  They remembered my name, who the party was for, that persons relation to me as well as any name or person I involved.  I appreciated that they cc’d myself as well as my boyfriends sister on every correspondence that occurred.  This helped to keep everyone on the same page and to know what was going on each step of the way between us all. Every aspect was perfect. 

Lindsey the bartender was wonderful! Before I could even introduce myself to her, she heard me chatting at the bar with some friends and when she found the proper moment she approached me, asked if I was Denise and if she could get me anything. I had only spoken to her the day of the party when she let me know that she would be our bartender for the evening and to make sure that there was nothing specific I wanted her to know or anything I needed her to handle prior to the event that evening.  When we went to the main bar, my boyfriend informed the security guard  that he was their for his party and even the security guard knew that it was his birthday and knew his name.  I enjoyed that all the staff was well informed of who was holding the private event and what it was for. 

As soon as we walked in the private room everyone was more then helpful, from wanting to know if was wanted the cake displayed to Lindsay making sure that we had a knife to cut the cake and to see if we wanted them to cut it.  The pitchers for beer pong were constantly being refilled, my guests did not have to fill one beer pong pitcher themselves nor even wait for a drink.  The security guard was extremely nice and was polite to all our guests, which many of them are smokers.  He kindly advised them that drinks cannot be outside and would advise them before they went outside.  One or two times a person did end up with a drink outside and he kindly asked if he could bring the drink in for them or if they would please step inside. 

Not one thing that was spoken about was left undone.  The staff in every aspect was helpful and prompt.  The venue was beautiful, this particular venue had a bathroom in the private room, which was key!  The private entrance was great as well.  Not only did I get compliments on the venue, but also on the staff and their efficiency. I would hire Eat Drink & Be Merry time and time again without any hesitation.

Thank you for all that you ladies did. 


EW 11

Christine, Kate, Niki & Brittany-

This was my second event at the East Wing and I will definitely be back for again in the near future!!!  Everything was amazing…from the set up to the food and the service was top notch. You guys are first class and I’ll be in touch.

All the Best-