Hi All,

I couldn’t have been happier with the event from a venue standpoint.  Every person on the staff was incredibly helpful, 10 out of 10 in that category easily.  The space was very good for the crowd we had, food was excellent, and everything was setup and ready for us well before the event.




Thank you so much for making the planning process so easy!  The party was a great success.  The staff, Henry and Travis were especially helpful.  We have so many other occasions we’d love to book for!

Everything went great.  Your planning staff was awesome and the people on site at 3 Sheets Saloon, where we started, were friendly and answered all our questions.  It was easy and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Thanks for you help.


Good morning EBDM Team,

I wanted to thank you all for your hospitality last night at the Gin Mill. The Amazon.com team had an awesome time in our space at the back of the bar, our corporate exec guests in from Seattle really enjoyed a night out on the Upper West Side, and overall we loved spending a night there. It’s my boss’ favorite bar from his college days so he was really excited to hang out there as well and relive some memories.

Special thanks to our servers Amanda and Sarah who did a great job taking care of us all night, they were awesome.

Thanks again guys-and looking forward to doing another event and working with you all soon on AmazonLocal.

Best regards,



      Well this was the very first bachelor party I had ever thrown and it was for my best friend, most importantly. I would like to say that the party was a great success and the bachelor had an “awesome time”, his own words, as well as the rest of the 9+ group. To start, Niki and Christine were patient and explained the entire process clearly. Thank you for the follow-ups and helping me with any last minute changes I threw at you. We started the night at the Gin Mill. John was the manager that evening and even called the evening before to check to see if I had any questions. The service was fantastic and our waitress, who was very easy on the eyes (wish I could recall her name but she was tanned with dark curly hair) was on point the during the entire dinner, delivering us drinks at paying the utmost attention to our party. The food was delicious, served family style, juicy steak, tender chicken, tasty pasta and other various appetizers satiated our hunger for the rest of the night. The two entertainers, provided by Chris of Metroparties.com, were beautiful and put on an awesome show that my buddy and other friends will never forget. Lastly, Al, our limo driver, was so laid back and always ready to safely drop us off at whatever bar we decided to stumble into next. And believe me you will be stumbling pretty early into the night. Great time all around! Can’t thank the staff enough for making the night go so smoothly and I highly recommend Eat, Drink, and Be Merry if you want to have a great time or just want to really show how honored you are to be the best man but need a little help planning that one night you will all remember! Thanks and cheers!

Frank P.