Hi Brittany,

Wanted to get back to you with some feedback from our event.  The whole process, from initial information to organizing and finalizing the details down to the night of the event were all handled wonderfully.  We were able to raise close to $900 for our fundraiser and had a great time doing it!

The staff the night of the fundraiser was super helpful and were a huge part of the event being a huge success.

Since we did have such a great response, we were actually wondering if we could do another event through Eat, Drink and Be Merry!  Also, I’m sure we have some ideas as to where the company’s profits to charity can go one month 🙂Let me know if you’d like me to fill out a form about hosting another event and thank you again for all of your help!



Christine, Kate, Niki and Brittany,

The event was a blast.  Everybody in the FF league was psyched with how it went and it went as expected / smooth sailing.  Honestly, not a lot of “constructive feedback” because we were many games of beer pong, flip cup and general consumption in… you made a group of 10 happy, many of whom don’t get a lot of day time “nights out” anymore.   See you next year, though there was a petition for Las Vegas! 



The party went great! I’ve always loved Down the Hatch. Every time I’ve been there people are having fun, its a great mix of people having a good time, laughing, flirting, I’ve never seen a fight break out. The girls are always super approachable. All the boys had a great time, I had a great 30th birthday and I was very pleased with the service and the way the night went. Not only would I recommend to others that they have a birthday party but I would come back for another event like this. I always tell people when they ask where they should go in the city to come to Down the Hatch and thats not about to change anytime soon. Great Night. Thanks so much guys.


Hi ladies,

You beat me to it. I wanted to email you and tell you how amazing everything was. Lindsay and Abby were fantastic, so friendly and accommodating.  I have received many calls and texts from guests raving about the space, the room and the staff. The food was great and none of the guests wanted for anything. I will definitely recommend Eat,Drink and Be Merry to anyone. It was a wonderful experience. Many thanks to all of you for all you did.

Sincerely ,


Thanks for reaching out…I have been meaning to email.  We were very impressed by the wonderful staff at 3 Sheets Saloon for our party this past Saturday night.  Not only did Manny call me in advance of the party, but Kate and her team were attentive to our every need.  Everyone, 21 year olds and 50+ something’s, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Thanks for making my daughter and husband’s birthday party a huge success.  I will definitely recommend Eat, Drink and Be Merry to friends, and in fact, I already have!

Thank you again for your professionalism and attentiveness


Everything went so well at my party on Friday July 27th! I was very pleased. 

Prior to the day of the party, your staff was very patient with me while I made my decision on which bar to hold my party. Everyone was able to answer my questions and I felt like someone was always available. Also prior to the party, I got a check in call to make sure I had everything I needed which was very helpful. 

The day of the party, everyone on staff introduced themselves and we’re very helpful. I felt like I could call on anyone and they were able to help. 

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. 

Thanks again!!!


Hey Brittany,

It went great. We had a large turn out of people throughout the evening. Your wait staff was fantastic and the bar has an atmosphere that was great for our diverse crowd.  Nice enough for the people that don’t like “college” bars and cheap enough and beer pongy enough for our just graduated crowd. 

The open bar was a huge hit and I’m positive it had a lot to do with our large turn out. Since this was primarily a networking event it was quiet enough being in the upstairs room for people to carry on conversations. Which hasn’t been the case at some other places we’ve held these. Thanks again to all of your staff. 

We will definitely be interested in doing this again in the future. Maybe in 2 months or so? Let me know if that’s something that could be in the cards.