Hello All!

 The party was a great success. Your staff was phenomenal. Heather was super amazing! I loved her! Your staff did a great job from start to finish. My apologies for not being more available but you guys were completely awesome.

 Thank you so much for all your hard work!





Hi Niki

All of us had a  great time at the Gin Mill on Saturday and had absolutely no problems. The party room, food and service were excellent and we stayed until the swarm of Seminole fans came in at 6.  Hopefully, next year, we won’t face a Hurricane or earthquake and can have our party before college football season!

 Our bar tab this year ended up being $612+100, so most likely for next year… we will expand to add some time to the contract. 3hrs seems to by so fast!


Hello, the party went extremely well. The people at the Gin Mill were helpful and courteous. The room was ready to go when we showed up and there were no problems throughout the evening. I have a feeling I will be reaching out to next year since we all had such a good time.

Thank you!

Fantasy Football Draft

September 13, 2011

Thanks- 7th year with EDBM and now my other league just started with you (at Gin Mill Speakeasy room on 9/7).

Love the space at 13th Step, we will take it again.  Manager (forgetting his name right now) and bartender (Sky) were terrific.  Please let them know we appreciate their professionalism, great attitude and help.  Really cool and accommodating to us.  Guys in the league will probably rent room for some Michigan games this year.



Thanks for the email. I’ve been meaning to write you guys to thank you for all your help. The party was a huge success- Seth, the birthday boy, had a wonderful time hanging out with his college buddies, and everyone there commented that they didn’t realize you could have private parties like this and that it was so fantastic.

The food was great, and the bartender Eric was very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience, and we would definitely do it again.

Thanks again,



Hey there,

The party was a HUGE success…we had sooo much fun! Travis, Lucas and Nelson were fantastic at making sure everything ran perfectly!

 Thanks so much,



Thank you guys so much for helping set up my celebration @ Jake’s. The party was great. Despite severe thunderstorms that cut the party-goers in half, everything went terrific. Jake’s even let me push the open bar back 1/2 he due to the weather, allowing my guests more time to arrive and enjoy the deal you guys set up for me. 

Will definitely plan with you the next time we have something in store, thanks again.