I am sorry, I have actually meant to write you sooner.  

First of all, I wanted to say thank you. The services you provide have been incredible. From the planning process to execution, to closing the tab. Everything went very smoothly. All of our guests greatly enjoyed themselves too. The food selections were a big hit and your menu also has an incredible set of choices for parties. Also, everyone that handled our event at the 13th step was very professional and accommodating. My only fear was that our tip was not generous enough.  

We will definitely be using you again to plan any kind of events. 

Thanks again!



Hi Party People!!

We had an amazing time!! I’m sorry that we didn’t write to say thanks sooner!When we arrived at the venue and met the staff, we sat down and both agreed how easy the planning process had been thanks to you guys! It was our first time organizing the office summer party so it was a bit like the blind leading the blind to begin with. Once we found your website, everything became very easy. We were impressed with the venue, the staff were great, the DJ was really fun and everyone was very accommodating to our unique needs i.e. the Talent Contest! I was very impressed that Kate (I think it was you Kate) called me the day of the party (or the day before, can’t remember now) to ask if everything was ok and did we have any last minute requests. Great customer service!

 So thanks so much! 10/10.

The party was a total success and everything went smoothly – from the beginning of planning until the end of the night. The bar offered a great crowd and everyone who worked there was very friendly. Couldn’t have asked for it to go more smoothly. Most importantly, the birthday boy had a blast! Thank you for all of your help!



Hi guys,

The event went great! I had such an awesome time and so many of my friends were happy with the place and the service. The bartender, Eric, was a pleasure to deal with – very friendly and several guests had positive things to say about him.

The overall set up at the bar was great as well. Everything was clean and the room temperature was nice and cool which was noticeable coming from upstairs and outside in the heat.

Everyone was very pleased with everything and I’m sure you will be hearing from me or one of my friends in the future.

Thanks again,



Hey!  My party at the Oak Cellar went really well, no problems, which was definitely a nice surprise. The people running it were very friendly, the drinks were quality, and the space was great! I would absolutely recommend having a party here, or doing another one here myself. The planning process is simple. All it took was a few phone calls and emails to get everything sorted out – the staff is efficient in their communication. Hope this helps 🙂


Hey guys,

The party went great! My friends from New Orleans really had an awesome time and loved the experience in New York. The atmosphere was fantastic, as it was a crowd that was just there to chill and have a good time. I personally loved the selection of music, as it wasn’t just a mix of everything you hear on the radio.

The manager for the night (I forget her name) came over when we got there and personally made sure we were comfortable and told us to let her know if we needed anything. You just don’t get that kind of service and attention at any other bars in the city, so we really appreciated that!

We can’t wait to plan our next party at Down the Hatch!

Thanks again for everything,



Our party was a huge success! Every part of the process from beginning to end went extremely smooth. I was actually surprised at how easy…I kept feeling like there had to be something for me to do or double check, but you guys were so on top of it! The employees at the bar were extremely accommodating to the fact that we had a few people showing up with bags before our room was set to be ready, and they worked hard to get it set up early. Everything was great, thank you all so much.