What a great experience – thank you!  From the beginning – all of you put up with my constant questions, changing my mind, adding things, money mishaps…thank you for putting up with that! 

 The execution was excellent  – if there were any problems at all it was due to my party and their tardiness (in spite of the warnings all around about being on time!).  The ladies at Down the Hatch were outstanding and catered to us.  The limo driver was excellent.  The bartenders were all great as were the bars we were able to make it to .  The girls loved the dancers (particularly the girl – she was a real ‘performer’ in contrast to the fella – who, in fairness, didn’t actually dance much probably because we were too busy cowering in a corner – LOL).

 What a great way to plan a night like that – let you do it for us – you guys were organized and professional – even in light of all our (caused by my party) mishaps. 

 I don’t think there’s a thing I could complain about or suggest.

If I had another such occasion to plan I would definitely use your company and I would absolutely recommend your company to someone else!

Thank you!



Hello Party Team-

We were again very satisfied with our party experience at E,D&BM. We liked the renovation and think the space worked even better than at our last event with the built in table for the buffet and the cafe tables with chairs for people who chose to sit. Your advice on food quantity hit the bullseye-we had just the right amount, without too much left over for wastage. Your staff is uniformly helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Congratulations-you are running a great Party service.


Thank you so much for all your help with Harry’s party – we all had a blast, and I’m still hearing from guests what a fantastic party it was. The advice on setting up the mats and the coloring table for the kids was spot on, and the adults had a great time as well. Everyone was super helpful, both in the planning stages and at the party itself.

Thanks again – I look forward to the next event!


My event at 3 Sheets was excellent! The bouncer did a great job collecting $ and making sure that nobody got in without paying. The bartender was very attentive, friendly, and accommodating. The manager stopped by to check on things mid-way through and made a modified Mint drink for me since I didn’t like the whiskey in our Mint Juleps. He was very professional when dividing the money between the bar and the Charity Profit so there was no confusion. The beerpong tables were set up in the back of the room so it was not a distraction from the people who wanted to mingle and chat by the bar. And we were so happy to have the Kentucky Derby stationed on the TV’s! We also greatly appreciated the bouncer alerting us when they were opening up the floor to the public and to make sure we collected our belongings beforehand. Overall, it was a great experience from the planning & coordinating phases with Eat, Drink, and Be Merry that carried through to the final event. I would highly recommend both Eat, Drink, and Be Merry and 3 Sheets to any of my friends for future events.

Thank You!

Everything went very well. The service was great and the staff helped everything go smoothly. I have no constructive feedback to give to you because everybody really had a good time. I will be sure to plan something there again in the future. Thank you for everything. 


Hey Girls –

John’s 30th at Jake’s Dilemma was fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help.

The space was perfect, service was great, and almost everyone got in touch the next day to tell me how much fun they had. I was really happy with the entire night.

Thanks again!


It went great ladies, absolutly fabulous. The manager (Mannie) was FANTASTIC. So supportive. So nice. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Only down side–no champagne 😦