Birthday Party @ Jake’s Dilemma

December 15, 2010


My name is Mike Feeney, I was the party host on Friday, planned by Erica Brustman.  Let me just start off by saying : What a great night! You guys were so accomodating. Cortney was one if the best bartenders I ever had.

My friends had a great time and the fact that you guys had beer pong was even better. My only regret was that I got so sick that I was asked to leave by security (which was probably a good thing), and was not able to properly tip Cortney. I know my friends took care of her but that was the first thing that came to mind upon waking from my drunken stupor on Saturday morning. I vow the next time I am in the area to stop by and take care of the one who took care of us so well!

$30 top shelf open bar = best deal in the city. If I had to give one constructive bit of feedback it would be that the birthday boy( or girl) should not have to pay for the open bar special since they are bringing a lot of business into the bar. I know the bouncer said the 16th person would be free (and we certainly had upwards of about 20+ by the middle) but its hard to keep track at an open bar if you know what I mean. All in all, great night and we will be back!


Mike F



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