Hi Christine, Kate, Niki, and Cortney,

Thank you so much in helping us with the room for our friends Engagement Party. Everything worked out perfectly. The room was a great size, and people had a very fun night! Thank you for also being very available via phone for any of our questions, and I have been already recommending to others to work with you! Thanks again!




Nothing but good things to say – Nikki and Cortney were helpful and responsive throughout the entire planning process, including multiple date changes several months in advance.  The turnaround time was awesome on contracts and everything else – wish my job was as responsive!  Once the event started, staff were quick to react to the changing needs of our group.  We had way more people than expected (about 2x as many) and they were able to get an extra waitress and allow us to drink from the main bar with our wristbands which was key to people enjoying the event since the room I had rented was too small.  Staff was also able to add additional food and I spoke to the kitchen staff about what would take the least time to cook since we only had an hour left at that point.  Lastly, the doorman was great, took his job seriously and was honest!  He was extremely helpful in checking people off our guest list and handing out wristbands, he also effectively charged people who were not on the guest list and I felt that our final bill reflected an accurate number of people who had attended and accounted for the cash received.

The only thing that could have been better was getting everyone out of the room at the end of the night.  I didn’t have a problem, but I know one of the guests was upset that he felt rushed out and lost his ID card and credit card in the room.  If you find it, please let me know!

I would do an event with you again!  Thank you!




Hello, The party was great! From the planning to the end of the night. The bartenders were friendly and very attentive. I have been to places with open bar specials and have the bartenders ignore you most of the night if you have a bracelet. It was the complete opposite. The staff from bartenders to security to the wait staff were very friendly and accomodating. I would definitely do this again. Thank you!


I have nothing but positive feeback from our 11/7 party at Jake’s Dilemma in the Oak Cellar Room. The staff couldn’t have been friendlier, or more attentive, and the event was a great success! I would recommend this venue to anyone for a future party. Many thanks!




Of course I have nothing but great feedback – as always!  The reason I constantly have parties at the Gin Mill is because I love their staff and you guys!  You make things so easy!  A few days before the party, my co-hosts questioned if we had all that we needed for the party…it made me realize that we really didn’t have to do much of anything – I knew you had it all covered!  You make party planning stress free and I appreciate that.  I turn 30 next year and think it fitting to have a party at the Gin Mill so I am sure I will be in touch very soon; if not I will talk to you all again for our annual Beer Pong fundraiser already booked for 2-19.

Thanks again for everything,




It was really fantastic, thank you so much!  The bar manager was great and allowed us to open up a tab for the bar after 1:30 to keep the party going and they were super polite to us the whole time.

It was a really great experience and I will be sure to use your team again soon!




I would like to let you know that the event went very well.  I plan many parties for our firm and there was a noticeable difference in that your company is very helpful , friendly and informative beyond the norm.  Everything is spelled out and explained very well in the email correspondence; which makes the process run much easier and smooth.  We had a few changes that were pleasantly and quickly accommodated.  It was a positive experience overall and I am sure we will be doing business again with you in the future.

It was a pleasure working with both Niki and Eric.

Best regards,