The party went very well, the personnel was very friendly and attentive to the guests needs.  The room was of an adequate size and the atmosphere was very good I will definitively recommend this service to my friends.




Dear Christine, Kate, Niki and Courtney

Thanks for helping us plan Anna and Isabella’s party at the Havana Room.  The kids all had a fantastic time.  The DJ was great- he really got the kids moving and they danced their little feet off.  The food went over big, too.  All in all, it was a really fun night.



Hi girls! YES once again a wonderful party! It was sooo nice & you guys were so helpful from the very beginning. I loved the kid table & chairs so cute!! Everything was great once again way to much food but it was his 1st LOL!! The filet mignon is really fabulous you get what you pay for!!! Thanks again & will hopefully see you in the future.


You guys were awesome. Really easy to get into contact with and it was great that

setting up the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. When we got there the bouncer

was ready for us and the bartenders gave us no trouble. Ill definitely call you guys

again soon.



Hi Ladies,

The party was fantastic!  I received so many compliments about the location, food, service, etc.  I loved the speakeasy room – so unique and intimate.

I never imagined throwing a surprise party would be so easy…and it was thanks to you.  There are no recommendations that I could give you for improvement.  The planning process was simple and stress-less, and each of you have been so friendly and welcoming.

By the way, he was VERY surprised 🙂

Thanks so much,


It was unforgettable.. Thank you for a GREAT time =)

Food was yummy.

Drinks were brought Very quickly from a wonderful cocktail waitress.

Party manager, bouncer and staff were all great.

Beerpong tables were a plus.

Timing was perfect.

Thanks for a great bday!



We had my boyfriend’s 30th birthday party at The Living Room in Jake’s Dilemma on Friday March 26. The next morning, the first thing I said to him was “I never do this, but I’m going to leave a testimonial on their website because they did an amazing job!” However, I got caught up with my new job and didn’t get a chance to write to you ladies until now!

We, along with all of our guests, had an amazing time and were very impressed with the level of service that was shown to us that night. Even before the party, I was able to get in touch with either Christine, Kate, Niki, or Cortney and ask any question that I had. Everything was so easy to set up and went so smoothly the night of the party. It was a well welcomed break from the usual frills of going out in NYC. The party manager, Emily, also contacted me prior to the event to make sure everything was the way I wanted it. None of our guests had any trouble getting in. The cocktail waitress, Robyn, was amazing! We were concerned that with only one waitress, people would be waiting awhile for their drinks and not be able to enjoy open bar for the complete 3 hours. Robyn made sure we all had a drink in hand all throughout the night! The bouncer at the door to the Living Room was so nice and respectful – we asked him to let us know when we had 15 minutes left in the open bar and he remembered to do it! Emily brought out the cake we had gotten the birthday boy at the time that we had asked her to, she lit the candles and even had plates and forks for everyone. At the end of the night, she explained the bill to me so that I wasn’t confused and just made our night go very smoothly! Everyone wanted to know how we found out about this place and definitely enjoyed themselves a lot! After the open bar was over, I stopped at the main bar to get a couple shots. Cortney (also the bartender)  remembered my name from setting up the party and asked for the birthday boy so she could say happy birthday and give him a shot. Simple things like that were much appreciated by us!

We can’t wait for the next birthday party because we will definitely be coming back!! Thanks again for all your help! This is one of the best birthday party experiences we have ever had in the city, and you ladies were just so classy and friendly – thanks so so much!

-Happy Couple

Hi All,

I just wanted to thank you for planning the surprise party for me this past Saturday night at the Oak Cellar.

My boyfriend was beyond surprised (which was a definite plus!!) and the party manager, bouncer and bartender could not have been more helpful and kind. The food was great and there was more than enough for the amount of people that came. I kept getting so many compliments on the room and how nice it was. I was a little worried about how the bouncer would “ask” us to leave when it came to 10:00 because I knew there was a party right after but he was so nice and went about it in a very non-intrusive, nice manner that we didn’t feel kicked out right away at all. All in all, it honestly was a perfect night and I just wanted to thank Niki and everyone at Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

I will absolutely be recommending you guys next time a friends or family member needs a spot for an event.



Thanks for checking in with me. The party went great. The bar was a little crowded at first but I expected that. It cleared up after about half an hour and my firends and I were able to hold down our own little area for the night, right next to the bar of course! The three hour open bar deal was great and everybody got their money’s worth. Eat, Drink & Be Merry will definitely be the first people I contact the next time I plan a party in NYC. Thank you so much for helping me plan the bachelor party.

Our event went flawlessly.  As this is our fifth year with ED&BM, you really have it down to a science.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Party was amazing great time awesome service amazing food and amazing drink special A++++

Ps I wrote this so you can post it on your website


Hi EDBM Team,

The birthday party for my wife was such a success! You guys did a great job helping plan the event, and I can’t think of any negative

feedback about way everything was handled. The EDBM team was very professional, and I’d have absolutely no hesitation booking another

party with you guys in the future. Thanks again for making the event such a wonderful time.

Best regards,