Hey gals – just getting back to email now but we wanted to thank you for an INCREDIBLE time.

From working with Kate & Niki and getting all the attention I needed to plan a great party to having fun the night of with Jen and the bar staff it was really spectacular. I have a strong hunch we’ll be back!!!!

Also: thank you again for the free happy hour! I will absolutely take you all up on it.

Thanks so much you are the BEST!



Everything was great!

Eric, the bartender, the food, the drinks all were amazing-thank you!!!!!!!


Thank you so much to all of you at Eat, Drink and be Merry.Our party was a success, everyone really enjoyed themselves. This was our second time using the Havana room and I have to say this time was even better. Mike was very helpful and was always present to help with any questions or issues…

The Casino tables and the dealers were great, very professional…

I’d like to the thank the staff especially to Nikki and Christine who helped me the most and who were so patient and helpful…

PS I have a coworker who liked the party so much, she asked me for your contact information to plan a graduation party for her daughter…

Thanks again

It was actually a great party. Everyone enjoyed themselves; the food was great. The staff at Jake’s was very friendly and accommodating. Looking forward to the next party.

Thank you,


Everything was great! The staff was so accommodating and everyone had a great time. We’ll be back next year for sure!!

Thanks for everything!

Honestly, everything went great.  Eric and Audrey were great.  Eric kept the food coming, and the food was great, I received allot of compliments on that.  Audrey was an excellent bartender, who kept up with the drinks even when it was busy.  They attended to any whim that I had.  Overall the party was a huge success, we will definitely be planning some parties in the future with you guys.  Everything went smooth and no problems.  You had the right people on the job, when we book a party in the future we would love to have Eric and Audrey working it.  If I had to rate this out of 10 it would be a 10.


Everything was great!! No problems and very easy to set up. Thanks again!


Hi Christine,

Me and those who remember most of the part from that night had a very good time at the party, everything was well organize and prepare for us and our entertainment.

Our waitress done an excellent job and we expressed it with the tip.

I’m more than sure that our next party will be in one of the Eat, Drink & Be Merry Locations.

Have a great day and happy holiday,


Dear Christine, Kate, Niki and Courtney,

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The room was lovely, the food was great, everyone on the staff was so helpful, and as a result, our party was a huge success! Thanks for everything.

All the best,


Hi Everyone,

The party was great. As a meeting planner myself, I know how much work goes into planning an event, you guys were wonderful to work with. Every time I called to ask a question you were friendly and helpful. The event itself went off without a hitch and was a blast. Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,


Great party, again (what was this, party #6 or something?). Noel @ DTH is an awesome bartender. Best one I ever have had at one of your bars. The guests had a great time too.

Constructive criticism: On a Saturday night, it might help to have an extra cocktail waitress so a party like ours could have gotten drinks easier. The bar was packed and it was hard for everyone to get their drinks, unfortunately.

Thanks again,


The party was great and the service at The Gin Mill was even better. Thank you for everything!


Thank you for all your help with the party, the venue and the staff were all fantastic, as was the food.  Will most certainly be keeping you all in mind for our next party,

Thank you again


Reunion at The Balcony

December 11, 2009

Thank you so much, I sent out a private note to  Kate but thanks to the entire team for being so helpful with my last minute changes.

The reunion event was very successful. The staff at Off the Wagon was great, very helpful and accommodating.   The bartender was on his game and everything went very smoothly.  We had a great time, and even got a few games of beer pong in!   Thank you Eat, Drink & Be Merry for helping me get this set up in such short notice.  You are rockstars and  I will definitely keep you in mind for my next party!



Hello All,

The party was a success.  Our employees had a great time and enjoyed the food.  The Gin Mill staff were very attentive to all our needs.  We would definitely consider planning another event with Eat, Drink & Be Merry.

Thanks again for making this Holiday Party a success!


My party was excellent! The planning process was SO easy! The bartenders were great to me and my guests and everyone can’t stop talking about what a great time they had for such a great price!

Thanks again!



The party was a great success, everyone had  a great time.  The staff was awesome and I appreciated the call from Heather the manager to make sure there were no last minute requests.  The birthday boy also got his bracelet for free.  Planning was a total breeze thanks to Eat, Drink and Be Merry.  This was my first experience planning a party and you can be sure that I will be using your services again next time.  Thanks so much for a totally memorable night!

The party went GREAT! You girls are awesome to work with. Your recommendation was right on target. The Gin Mill was the perfect spot for my boyfriend’s 29th birthday. I was almost not let in bc the bouncer said I didn’t look like the person in my ID, but that’s ok! Haha.I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to book an open bar party in the city. Thank you again!

Dear Team:

I would like to thnak you as the party was AWESOME!

The booking process was SO easy, even SAME day so again, thank you!

Everyone enjoyed as it turned out to be a very economical choice and we had a wonderful time.

Thanks and have a great evening.


The party went great, no problems whatsoever.  The only thing I would say is that regarding the free admission after 15 admitted guests, if the person hosting the party gets there early, which he or she should, he or she would not be able to benefit from this perk.  After all, it is their birthday, shouldn’t they be able to party for free?  Due to my delayed train ride into Manhattan, I did get the comped admission, but had I gotten there on time I would not have been able to use the comp at all.  Other than this small detail everything was done very professionally from planning to execution and I will definitely be recommending you.