Wicked Pub Crawl for a Bachelorette Party

August 24, 2009


Our bachelorette party last Saturday went GREAT! Right from the start, I have to thank and commend Niki for her wonderful service to me while planning this event. There were many times that I emailed her to make some changes and ask questions; and Niki was quick to respond and always very friendly and accomodating to my needs for the event. She is a WONDERFUL asset to the Eat, Drink and Be Merry team. Thank you, Niki.

When we arrived to The Stumble Inn, Manny was extremely helpful and friendly. From the moment we walked in to the restaurant to the moment we left dinner to go into the limo, he made sure that we had his and the limo driver’s contact information in case we needed anything during the night. He was very professional; he let us know when the limo was ready to leave after dinner; was sure to introduce us to the limo driver, and even walked us out to the limo when dinner was over. Once again, I was extremely pleased with the service that Manny gave us while we began our bachelorette party. He was excellent.

The Sex Educator was great. She was professional and fun! I won’t go into too much detail about it, but it was a really good time – and funny! It was great to see the bride-to-be’s reaction once she realized who and what the Sex Educator was in our limo for! (Everything was a surprise). Great “crash course!”

While we visited the other bars during the bar crawl, every bartender was quick to serve us and have fun with us. They were friendly and happy to join our celebration to the Bride-To-Be. When we asked them if they would take our picture, there was never any hesitation or annoyance – they were pleased to take pictures and spend a couple minutes talking with us. Any time we went up to the bar to order more cocktails, they would come to help us immediately. They were really fun and even made a point to say goodbye as we left the bars.

As you can see, we were all very happy with the bachelorette party, and the Bride-to-be will never forget the night! She hasn’t stopped talking about it, which is the best part. Overall, I am most impressed on the exceptional service from every person that helped us throughout the night. You have a really great team!

I only have one, small piece of constructive criticism – the bars should play the music louder to get people dancing and singing.

Great job planning and helping out with our event! It was unforgettable, and I would definitely love to plan another party with Eat, Drink and Be Merry again in the future!

Thank you for making the night so fun and special!

Kristen O.



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