Hi guys,

Sorry for the delayed response. Just wanted to let you know we had a great time.  Thought everything worked very well and the event was well organized. Everyone at the Gin Mill was very helpful and there was no need to spend any time doing anything other than enjoying the night.  Thanks again.


Jim D.

Speak 4


 Hey Christine,


Everything went perfectly!   The room was all ready for us when we arrived.  Andy was our party manager and he was great, collected the money and worried about all that so I could enjoy the party, was always around to answer any questions, made sure the food was ready, etc. Our waitress, and I’m sorry I can’t remember her name, was great too, she was constantly back and forth, great mood, very helpful and quick with the orders and hopefully satisfied with the big tip we left at the end of the night haha.   Our bouncer, Rocky, was also very helpful, pleasant to deal with, kept everyone out, exactly what I’d want.  The experience with the people from Centerfolds was also great.  They showed up when they said they would, put on a great show and everyone enjoyed.  So yes, wonderful experience. Please don’t use my last name if you use any of this for testimonials, but otherwise anything I’ve said attributed to “Pete” is fine.




  Hi Guys,

 I had an awesome time at my party. My guests all complimented how flawless it was and how smoothly everything went. They also loved the food that you guys provided. I would definitely come to your guys in the future and I’ve also recommended you to my friends. Thanks again!






Dear Eat, Drink & Be Merry,


Sorry about my delayed response – it was a busy Memorial Day!  As concerns the party, I have to say the party was a smash hit all around.  Everyone had a wonderful time, the wrist bands worked perfectly, and the bouncer was very good at keeping track of who was there, who didn’t show, etc, and checked with me when he thought he’d missed someone.  The bartenders were great, and very friendly, which can be quite a feat with an open bar (we did our best to tip, but still – bartenders can be aloof if they feel like they’re not going to make a buck, but these guys were great).  Not a single complaint – everyone had a wonderful time!


Thanks for all your help, I look forward to working with you all in the future!


Thanks again,



Gin 3



From start to finish our party was a fabulous success!  Thank you very much for the ease and simplicity afforded to us as we planned a fantastic event!  Christine and Kate were quick to respond to any questions i had, or to provide more information and a contract.  They followed up after every step, and really made me feel reassured and taken care of throughout the process.  They have friendly and enthusiastic customer service skills that should be commended!


Every guest was impressed by the unbeatable all-inclusive price and all access pass, along with everything that it covered! We felt like royalty as managers took a genuine interest in our enthusiasm and happiness that night!  From the personalized sign in the front window of The Gin Mill to the personal phone calls made the day before, The Gin Mill’s manager was a pleasure to work with! We were astonished by the dependable, good-natured and quick customer service all evening as well! The food was terrific and the drinks were a plenty! No one had an empty glass or a dry lip! 


Our limo driver was friendly and responsible. He was always waiting right outside when we were ready to move on… or finally go home.  He was so patient and helpful with our technologically-challenged bridesmaids who insisted on controlling the music that night as well!  The limo was spacious and clean, and a really entertaining memorable part of the party!


All of the bars were well-maintained with a welcoming and fun atmosphere.  The lively crowd was never overwhelming or intimidating as we easily mingled with everyone at each establishment!  Traveling in the city can be a tricky venture, but with the courteous staff at each venue we were able to navigate easily and feel comfortable everywhere we went.  Every bar on the pub crawl route was a great  venue for a group gathering, as we coud easily congregate together or spread out and not feel like we would get lost from the group.


Additionally, i am so thankful for the attentiveness given to my food allergies when planning our dinner.  I was amazed by the flexiblity of everyone involved and how accommodating The Gin Mill was in regards to my dining options.  As a reult of my food allergies, i am often left out of many dining experiences… but the manager, Heather, at The Gin Mill wouldn’t let me miss one thing! She was absolutely fabulous!


The following day, many of the guests wrote or called to tell me of their fantastic evening! The guest-of-honor, who is really hard to please. said she had an amazing night!!!  We have many wonderful memories as a result of planning our event through you!  This was the second pub crawl event I have planned with ED & BM and each event was truly a success!  I have never been disappointed with your services.




I hope to work with you again sometime in the future (I have two more sisters who need to be married!!!)


With the most sincere appreciation-


stephanie gallo




Hi Guys!


Everything went great!  Everyone, especially the groom, had a great time that we’re still talking about days later.  We had a very good turnout and everything went without a hitch.  The food, bus, entertainers, and the bars were all top notch.  A majority of the guests were the groom’s fraternity brothers, so they loved that all of the bars had beer pong!  Honestly I have no complaints, it really was that good.  Thanks again for all of your help, and for providing such a great service.  I am sure our word of mouth will generate more business for you. 🙂


Very best,




Party was great, room was great, staff was great.

Will definitely be reaching out to you guys again when we plan a party!

Hi there,

I actually have been meaning to email you guys to thank you for everything! We had well over 30 people come and go throughout the night and they all told us what a great time they had.  The open bar was a great great deal for the 3 hours, and it was awesome that the DJ played lots of 80s hits that went with our theme 🙂

Thanks again for your help in setting this up!