Had a great time. We’ve been organizing the Annual NY Ball League Year End Celebration for about 3-4 years there now, and I see no reason that we’d change venue anytime soon. The reps I worked with to book the party (Christine, Kate) were both very very helpful, and the staff on-site were all courteous and inviting. 

An excellent time overall.

Thanks again for your help. And know that all went perfectly.




Party was a huge success!! Rachael and her staff were helpful beyond our expectations! We were very pleased with the coordination efforts and professionalism of the entire EDBM staff.  We have another baby on the way so we may see you all again in 18 months!

Thanks again!!! 

Nathan Stock 



Hi there,

Thank you, our event was great! I appreciate all your help in making our event a success and look forward to working with you in the future.


Jennifer S.


The party was fabulous. The bartender served delicious drinks and made them quickly.  We were allowed to select our own TV channels and music.  The night was truly spectacular.  Thank you!


Tracy D.