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“What an awesome time!”

I have been hearing that from all the girls at the bachelorette party since the night we had it! We couldn’t have asked for a better time than we had at the Living Room at Jake’s Dilemma. Our waitress Regina was amazing…ready to grab drinks, clean messes and dance on the occasional table if we asked her to. Our bouncer, Nick, was great as well. It was so nice to be able to leave our purses, cameras, etc. in the room and not think twice about it. Everyone was so accommodating, and made sure that we had anything and everything we needed.  You ladies at ED&BM were amazing in helping me to get this organized. I was not the most available client at times, and yet you remained patient and professional with me. I can’t thank you enough for that, because it was ridiculously frustrating getting all of our friends organized, and you just rolled with it. I told absolutely everybody about your company, and will look to use you whenever we have something going on in the City.   My best friend, the bride-to-be, told me that she could not have planned a more perfect party herself, and that she had a perfect night. I can’t thank you all enough, and I would be happy to provide a reference for you any time you needed one.

Thanks again!  

Mary Murphy


Fundraiser in The Speakeasy

September 16, 2008


Year 3 of the breast cancer fundraiser and what a great time! The staff at the Gin Mill was so supportive, even getting involved with the raffles and being so great when we didn’t exactly meet our minimum because they knew it was for a good cause. I was very touched when the manager said that we could “call it even.” The bar set up all the tables, the food, and allowed us to put up all our silly decorations. I really can’t express how nice it was to feel the support of those strangers who went the extra mile to ensure the success of the fundraiser.

Again, your services were the best! I felt that after I signed the initial contract, I just had to show up that night because you took care of the rest. Never have I had a problem with your company and the nights always exceed my expectations!

Thanks again! Talk to you next year!

Erin Cunningham


Everything went great. The space and service was perfect.

–R. Halsey


Hello everyone,
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you again for yet another awesome party.  This is the third time that I have booked a party through you guys at Down the Hatch and it has been perfect.  Everyone that I have dealt with at Eat, Drink and Be Merry, as well as all of the bartenders, servers, dj’s and security have gone above and beyond to accommodate us.  Thank you again, and I look forward to the next time I book a party with you guys.  
Take care,