College Graduation Reception in The Speakeasy

January 8, 2008

Hello~I am so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you– I’ve been out of town for the holidays.I did want to get in touch with you to say “thank you” for the perfect party.  The Gin Mill did everything possible to make it an enjoyable evening.  The food was great; hot; plentiful; out when it needed to be; perfect.  Our party manager Mike was great.  He was very helpful with decorations, kept me posted on the bar tab, cut the cake, etc.  He was there when I needed him, and yet I hardly noticed him.  He also let us stay 30 minutes longer because my daughter’s friends arrived late due to train issues.The room was perfect for a diverse group (it was a college graduation party), so family as old as 75 attended in addition to college friends.  Everyone had a blast.  The way the tables were set up gave everyone a chance to mingle and also to sit with people they wanted to talk to.Chanda the bartender was the best! She was fun, sweet, on top of things, and really good to me and my daughter (the guest of honor).  She really gave everyone special attention. She made a huge difference!Finally, I am so impressed with how flexible, thorough, organized, and involved you were. I was excited about the party from the moment I saw the website and I kept thinking “it can’t be this good.”  You guys made it feel like anything goes. Then when you arranged the food, drinks, and serve times just the way I wanted AND the day of the party arrived, Ithought for sure something would go wrong.  But everything was perfect.So, thank you for making a VERY important event so memorable and enjoyable. I will definitely use you again and recommend you guys to everyone I know.  Thanks again!Christy Curran  Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

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