It went perfect. Thank you!!!The staff was great, friendly and accommodating.  Couldn’t ask for anything more, really.Thanks,ZanderOak Cellar Party Room NYC 

My event was amazing! Everyone was so nice and helpful in regards to all the details of my surprise party for my fiance. All of my guests, most importantly the guest of honor had a wonderful time. The food was great and the drinks were amazing! I have not been able to stop singing your praises and am looking forward to my next event with eat drink and be merry. I wish everyday was a party because I would certainly use eat drink and be merry each time. Thank you all for helping to create some lasting memories among friends!! 
Till the next event!!
Please please please put my testimonial on your site! I want everyone to know how truly great you all are!!
Leah G.
Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 
Hi Guys,

Umm.. yeah. I can’t say enough great things about your services!  My fiance has been thanking me for the past 4 days non-stop for his surprise party.. .we really got him!  Mike, our bartender, was superb and so very hospitable and he kept the party going without a hitch.  Everyone that came has been asking me how we had such a great party, and I have to be honest with them when I say I really didn’t do much, you took care of virtually everything. 

Thanks again… and many more years of business to come 😉

Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC

The party was fantastic. Everyone had a great time!  Thank you for everything. Marie D. Living Room at Jake’s Dilemma Party Space 

Thank you so much. It was a great time! I think it even topped last years party. All of my friends had a blast and they want to make it a yearly tradition! 
Have a great new year,
Off the Wagon NYC Bar 

It was great!  Everything was perfect.  If you ever need a reference feel free to use me.

thank you,

Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

The party went very well.  It was a success.  The room was a perfect size.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The pricing was reasonable.  I would definitely recommend your services.
Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

It was great.  Karen and John were excellent hosts and the room was fantastic.  We were a pretty subdued group so I guess we were easy to please.  Would definitely work with guys again as the opportunities arise.Thanks,Ben  Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC  

Everything about the party was spectacular!  It was the best party I’ve ever thrown!!! 
Havana Room Party Room NYC 

The Gin Mill ROCKS!!  The location was great, the bartender was better, and the party was AMAZING!!  Talk about no hassle and great service.  The party was from 8pm to 11pm and we didn’t leave until 1:30!  Everytime we went to the bar the bartender Joe knew the party individual and had the drink in our hand before we even asked.  Second to that the bouncer watched over everyone and made sure the party stayed fun and safe.  For a party of 12 throwing them back that’s not an easy task.

Everyone had a great time and won’t stop asking when we are going to do it again.  Thanks, Eat, Drink and Be Merry–  it was the best birthday party my girlfriend has ever had; from her mouth to your ears.

Can’t wait to do it again…..

Gin Mill NYC Bar 
Hi Nikki,
Thanks for all your hard work.  Once people got there (typical in NYC not to show up on time!) the party was great and everyone had a good time.   Thanks again, I would recommend the Havana Room to anybody, great party place. 
Rosalind H.
Havana Room Party Room NYC 

The party was great. We didn’t have the best turnout, but the manager was very kind with the remainder of the bill at the end of the night.
Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

The party went really well.  I was surprised at how easy and flawless the process was.  My friend was definitely surprised and we both couldn’t have asked for a better party.  In addition, the deal was great!  Everyone agreed.  I will definitely plan a party with you again!

Thanks so much!
Pam B. 
Oak Cellar Party Room NYC 

Hey guys, 

Everything about the party was great.   The food was excellent and the service was fantastic.  I have nothing but good things to say about your service. My friends and I were all very impressed.  I will be recommending your services to anyone who asks.

Thanks for making our party great!!!!!


Oak Cellar Party Room NYC

Thank you, the party was great. Everyone loved the place and the service from the entire staff was excellent.  Meaghan, Ray, Reggie, Manny,and Mike were great.  Teddy and Danny showed up and it is always great to see them.  I look foward to the party on the 19th.  A few people who have never been to the bars are interested in having a party also. Actually I have my friend Rich’s 30th party at The Speakeasy on the 11th of January, and that is a venue I never been to.  I look foward to seeing that place.Special thank you to Ted, Danny and Christine for helping me set up the parties.NunzioHavana Room Party Room NYC 

Dear Christine,
As I had mentioned to you during my unsolicited phone call to you two weeks ago, my office staff had such a lovely time at our holiday party in the Speakeasy room of the Gin Mill. The serving staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was delicious and plentiful. The ambiance was delightful. I wish we could have a monthly party there. We will be back! Thanks for all your help in planning this event. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

R. M. Shelton, M.D.
Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

Hello~I am so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you– I’ve been out of town for the holidays.I did want to get in touch with you to say “thank you” for the perfect party.  The Gin Mill did everything possible to make it an enjoyable evening.  The food was great; hot; plentiful; out when it needed to be; perfect.  Our party manager Mike was great.  He was very helpful with decorations, kept me posted on the bar tab, cut the cake, etc.  He was there when I needed him, and yet I hardly noticed him.  He also let us stay 30 minutes longer because my daughter’s friends arrived late due to train issues.The room was perfect for a diverse group (it was a college graduation party), so family as old as 75 attended in addition to college friends.  Everyone had a blast.  The way the tables were set up gave everyone a chance to mingle and also to sit with people they wanted to talk to.Chanda the bartender was the best! She was fun, sweet, on top of things, and really good to me and my daughter (the guest of honor).  She really gave everyone special attention. She made a huge difference!Finally, I am so impressed with how flexible, thorough, organized, and involved you were. I was excited about the party from the moment I saw the website and I kept thinking “it can’t be this good.”  You guys made it feel like anything goes. Then when you arranged the food, drinks, and serve times just the way I wanted AND the day of the party arrived, Ithought for sure something would go wrong.  But everything was perfect.So, thank you for making a VERY important event so memorable and enjoyable. I will definitely use you again and recommend you guys to everyone I know.  Thanks again!Christy Curran  Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 

Thank you so much. It was a great time! I think it even topped last year’s party. All of my friends had a blast and they want to make it a yearly tradition! 
Have a great new year, 
Off the Wagon NYC Bar 
Thanks so much for everything!!! I really appreciate everything Niki and Heather did for me in assisting in planning this party! It went awesome and I would recommend this service to anyone!
Thanks again!
Jen Poweska
Speakeasy Room at the Gin Mill NYC 
Thank you.  Jake’s Dilemma ‘s “Cellar” was great.  It was attractive, comfortable, the food was good, and the bartender was great too.  Many thanks and Happy New Year.

Louisa Benjamin Bohm 
Oak Cellar Party Room NYC